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Alyssa M.

My fiancé had promised me that we would be engaged before my 25th birthday, and after five years together I thought that this was wonderful but I wasn't counting on it actually happening.

On the Friday before my birthday he took me to a baseball game. My brother works for the baseball team so we go to games often so I didn't think much of it. We were there early so we were hanging out in the stadium. There was music from a deejay and an emcee walking around asking people trivia questions with the camera man. We were having drinks and enjoying ourselves when all of the sudden the emcee walked right over to Michael. I immediately looked at the jumbotron and saw Michael and myself. I turned red and started backing out of the frame. The emcee asked Michael how he was doing and then asked him why the pretty lady with him was backing away. Michael responded that I was nervous. The emcee then asked if we were a serious couple because we looked like it. At this point I was completely confused. Michael answered yes that we are a serious couple and that he actually had something to ask me.

Slowly I started to figure out that he was about to purpose and I started freaking out! I started looking around and saw my brother watching us, then from behind a display my mom and my sister came out with cameras. I started crying as soon as I saw them, and it didn't help that they were teary eyed too.

Michael took the microphone and got down on one knee. He told me I am his best friend and the love of his life and he can't wait to grow old with me. Then he asked me to marry him. The whole crowd went crazy when I said yes. Only after I stopped shaking I realized that the whole thing was on the jumbotron for the whole stadium to see.

Throughout the whole game random people kept congratulating us. It was the most amazing night of my life.

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