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Alyssa C.

Brian's parents were in town for the week to visit us and to help us with some home repairs. For that Saturday, which happened to be his mom's birthday, we had planned to meet up with my parents for a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant, Brenner's Steakhouse on the Bayou. This restaurant happens to be the most romantic restaurant in Houston.

Although it was February, it was surprisingly warm even for Houston. I'd been hot all day, so when it came time to pick out an outfit to wear to dinner, I chose a sleeveless dress. By the time we got to the restaurant, however, the sun was beginning to set and the wind had picked up. I began to regret not bringing my sweater!

The restaurant sits on a lovely wooded retreat with colorfully lit waterfalls, flowers and winding brick paths; I wanted to walk around and enjoy it. Brian and I were walking hand-in-hand, while our parents followed behind. When we came to a gazebo, Brian and I went up, and Brian told me if I was cold, I should take his sports coat. I resisted at first because I thought I'd look silly in it, but he draped the coat around my shoulders anyways and gave me a big hug.

As he hugged me, he pressed into my side, and said, "What's that?" Clearly, there was something bulky in the pocket of his jacket. We pulled it out, and as it turned out, it was a ring box! Beaming, I opened it, and a light inside the box shone down on the ring in all of its sparkling glory. The next thing I knew, Brian had asked me to marry him! The whole evening was amazing. Brian had arranged for both sets of parents to share in our special night and got us the best table in the restaurant! The food was incredible and there was nothing but excited chatter all night long. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful fiancé!

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