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Alysia C.

I had to go to Austin for school, and my boyfriend, Pete, graciously offered to book my hotel room. I thought it was a bit much when he reserved a room at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, especially since I would only be there for one night, but he insisted he got a good deal. I then made plans to meet my best friend and her fiancé for dinner while I was in town. She offered to pick me up at my hotel that evening, but then I received a text message from her saying that my phone was busy and that they were at the hotel checking out the pool on the rooftop.

On my way up to the pool to meet them, I received a text message from Pete. It read: "It might seem like an ordinary night, same ol' stars, the same ol' moon up high, but when you see me on the other side of that door, nothing is ordinary anymore." He often quoted songs in text messages. This one was from the song "Carried Away" by George Strait. I didn't notice at the time, but he had altered it for our situation. When I opened the door to the pool, nothing was ordinary. To my surprise, he was there "on the other side of the door" in a suit holding a ring. He got down on his knee and proposed!

While I thought he was at work back home, he had flown in to Austin, enlisted the help of my best friend and reserved the pool for this special occasion. It was the perfect setting. The stars and moon overlooked us and we could see the beautiful city lights of downtown Austin, the capital of the great state where we met and live, Texas.

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