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Allison W.

Dave and I have been dating for almost 5 years. Since we are both teachers, our students are a large part of our lives. I also coach the high school swim team during the winter season. Interestingly enough, I have now coached the team for 4 years, so this is my first groups of seniors that have been with me since they were freshmen. Dave comes to every meet, and the girls always used to ask him when he would propose.

At the last home meet of the year, after I had finished passing out roses to the seniors, the captain got on the microphone and said that they had one more "special" presentation. She started to talk about me as a coach and how special I am. I was still confused as she directed everyone's attention to the opposite side of the pool. There, all forty of my swimmers were lined up along the edge. As I turned around, they unraveled a banner that read, "Allie, Will You Marry Me?" When I turned back around, Dave was down on one knee with the ring.

I looked up in disbelief at the 200 people screaming and cheering, and I saw that my mom and all my friends had been there all along! Apparently, this had been planned for a month, and not one of my swimmers, friends or family members let me know. I was shocked and crying so hard I even forgot to put the ring on or say yes! I just stood there hugging Dave for about 10 minutes. While this proposal is very me, it is not at all Dave - he is very quiet and reserved, so making such a public statement was so special and amazing! It is one swim meet that I definitely won't forget!

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