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Allison M.

My fiancé and I live about two hours away from one another, so we decided we needed a little getaway for ourselves last spring. We were both trying to save up money, so we opted for going to visit his great aunt in Arizona and staying with her for free. We also have friends in the same area, so the trip was easy to decide on. We were only there for a four days, so we were trying to squeeze time in with his aunt and our friends. We had lined up to drive into Sedona, which was about an hour and a half away, with our friends one evening. We went out for dinner and then had a hotel room lined up for that night. The following day, we were going to sightsee around Sedona and do a Pink Jeep Tour.

That night, I was casually talking with my friend who was engaged at the time, and she asked if Jared and I had discussed marriage at all. I was kind of offended that she didn't seem to think that marriage had been an option for us yet, but I blew it off. The following day, we went off on the Pink Jeep Tour. They take you up into this beautiful red rock and let you out to take pictures on some of the highest points. We had been snapping funny shots all day because my fiancé is kind of known for being a goofball.

On the second stop, our friend said she would take our picture for us. We ran to this one rock, and my friend said to do a funny pose. My boyfriend said he was going to tie his shoe, and I thought to myself, "Well that is a dumb pose. " Before I knew it, he was on his knee with the ring in his hand. Of course I was completely shocked and started crying. The whole time, my friend had been taking pictures so I have the most amazing shots with beautiful views. The other Jeep tours that were around started honking their horns at us. We later found out that the rock we had been standing on is actually called Altar Rock! He didn't even plan that. The whole weekend, our friends had known exactly what was going on, but they played it off well.

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