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Allison D.

On my first date with Jeff, we ate at a Greek restaurant and had a long dinner. Afterwards, we walked around the city aimlessly and ended up in Rockefeller Center, where I asked if he had ever been to the Top of the Rock (top of Rockefeller Center). We both realized we hadn't so we decided to go up there and give it a try. The view was amazing, the weather was lovely and the company was perfect. We ended up sitting on a bench and people-watching tourists as they gazed at Times Square, Brooklyn and the Empire State Building.

A year later, on a cold and slushy December day, we decided to go see a movie in Times Square. Afterwards, Jeff really wanted to see the infamous tree in Rockefeller Center, and I quickly agreed. We got there, stared at the tree for a few minutes and then Jeff casually and spontaneously said, "You know what would be fun, going to the Top of the Rock." The rational side of me thought about how incredibly cold it would be up there, but then the child in me said, "Okay!" We got to the top of the building and embraced the view, despite the wind and the cold. I shot a few blurry photos and just took in the view. To pass from the south side to the north side of the tower, we had to walk through a motion-sensor room that was completely comprised of lit-up squares. I was in a trance by the technology and the sight while Jeff slipped out the door to the north side. A few minutes later, I walked out to the north side to join Jeff. I saw him there, sitting on the bench that we had sat on during our first date. He told me to take a seat and that's when it happened. He proposed to me, and we smiled and giggled at each other in disbelief but with a sense of comfort and understanding. We sat there for a few minutes, watching people walk by, and then we rushed inside to get warm.

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