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Allison B.

Mike and I got engaged on December 5th, 2008 and it came as a huge surprise to me. He had always said that it was very important for him to first meet my sister and to ask for my Mom's permission to marry me. Since I knew (or thought I knew) that he hadn't done this yet, I never saw it coming.

A week or so before the proposal, Mike mentioned that we hadn't been out for a nice dinner for a long time. We planned a date for Friday, December 5th. On Thursday, I was contacted by one of the administrators of a financial website that I belong to, regarding the passing of my information onto a producer for a financial television program on CNBC. On Friday morning, the producer called me and wanted me on the show that night. She wanted me to film a segment for the show locally, which would then air that evening as well. I was so excited, and called up all my friends and family to tell them to watch me on TV that night.

I called Mike to tell him the exciting news, but he didn't seem very excited and was more concerned about our date night. We ended up being able to film the segment by 8pm and then headed off to dinner. We headed to dinner at the Jupiter Beach Resort, which was right on the beach. We had a great dinner and even got to see my segment on TV. After dinner, we were headed home, or so I thought.

Mike led me towards the elevators, stating that he heard from his patient that there was a great view from the 8th floor. So I figured there must be a nice bar up there or something. We got off the elevator and Mike led me to a room and tried to insert a card. I proceed to tell him that I didn't think his credit card would open the door! Of course he actually had a room key and had reserved a room at the hotel for us for the night.

The hotel room was beautiful and he had roses, champagne and chocolates waiting for me. I was so excited by this romantic gesture, but I still had no idea what was really going on. Mike had also packed us an overnight bag, which was so thoughtful. I asked him what he had brought for me, and he got on one knee next to the bag and pulled a few things out. As I was distracted by this, he took my hands and began telling me how much he loved me and that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Finally, he put a ring on my finger and asked me to marry him. I said "yes," of course.

I asked him what about meeting my sister and asking my mom? He told me that over Thanksgiving weekend, while my Mom and Sister were at my Grandma's house (3.5 hours away), he met them and asked my mom for her permission. I was at work, and assumed he was there too! He drove back that same day; I didn't suspect a thing!

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