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Alaine S.

Back on our very first date, my boyfriend Rob and I had dinner and took a walk around my college's campus. We ended up at this spot on the mall, and Rob said he wanted to teach me the tango. I reluctantly said okay, and we danced. I soon realized that it was just an excuse to get close and kiss me.

The weekend before our engagement, Rob said he wanted to do a photo project near Washington D.C. and suggested that we go to my old college's campus as well. I was sick that weekend so we couldn't go. We decided to go the next weekend instead and walked around the campus. On the way back to the car, we stopped at that one spot on the mall where we had been seven years ago. Rob asked to do the tango. I waited for the people walking by to pass, and then we did a few steps. Just as we were about to leave, Rob said he needed a tissue from his pocket. Instead, he pulled a ring out and got down on one knee to ask, "Will you marry me? " I said yes of course!

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