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Adrienne Z.

Last week, Hart surprised me with a trip to Williamsburg. Right away, I thought that something might be up, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise by asking too many questions. Plus, I have talked about visiting Williamsburg for a long time since I have very fond memories of the town. Many of you might not remember this, but weeks before my mother found out she was sick, we she and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Williamsburg. We made similar trips like this before to various locations, but this was probably my favorite of our adventures. Since Hart is, and will always be, so supportive of the memories that I shared with my mother, he suggested that we attend the Grand Illumination.

I thought that since it was so close to Christmas, Hart must have known how hard it is for me during the holidays and wanted to surprise me with this trip to help lift my spirits! Naturally, I was delighted and could not wait to go. Saturday morning, I woke up to Hart saying, "This is your weekend and I want to do everything to make you happy!"

This isn't completely out of the norm (he is the sweetest person to me!), but still I thought that something was fishy when we were supposed to leave by 2:00 pm and instead of making it out of the door in time (I am ALWAYS late), he patiently waited around for me to finish running my ridiculous errands - one of which was getting a manicure!

We got down to Williamsburg and toured around the city for a while before checking into our hotel. Knowing that we had dinner reservations, not to mention the long time it takes me to get ready - Hart quickly urged me to start the process. While in the shower, I heard Hart playing around on his guitar.

When I came out of the bathroom, to my surprise, I saw that Hart had set up the room with candles, flowers and wine. We sat around for a while drinking our wine and laughing and talking when I looked at the clock and realized we needed to leave for our dinner reservation. Hart stopped me from getting up and said, "Adrienne, I have a song that I have written and would like to play for you."

Instead of sitting down on one of the chairs next to me, he knelt right at my feet. Being the sap that I am, I immediately started crying. To give you a little history, he had written the first part of the song for me years ago when we were in college, but he never finished it until now. The beginning starts off like this: "I've got nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon - nothing on my mind at this particular time, but the thoughts of you." For years, I asked Hart to finish "Our Song," but now I know why he hadn't shared it with me. He wanted to make it something that we would always remember together. The final four lines are when he pops the question: "Here I am, down on bended knee. Adrienne my love, will you marry me?"

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