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Adrienne C.

My fiancé and I had met at church, and our pastors were very happy about our relationship. My fiancé took me to his favorite pancake house one day and planned on proposing but felt that the mood wasn't right. As we were leaving, we ran into two members of our church. One of the women makes the church announcements and congratulated me. She said "You're engaged right? It's in the church bulletin for tomorrow. " I was shocked. I looked at my fiancé, and his head fell in shame. He told them that he hadn't asked me yet. He had told the pastors about his idea to propose, and they had already put it in the announcements.

Our friend was very apologetic and my fiancé couldn't propose to me then. So, he waited. The next day, our pastors announced our engagement at church, and we stood up as if everything went off as planned. It didn't. After trying to find ways to propose after the first design had been botched, he planned and planned. Up to this point, the engagement was no longer about a private moment that we shared. Instead, it was about having it announced in church. But a month later, he finally made it about us. I woke up and the ring was sitting on my bed. He was at my place, waiting for hours until I woke up to ask me if he could wake up with me for the rest of his life. It was the sweetest gesture. I finally had the chance to say yes.

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