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Wendi J.

John and I were on vacation in St. Lucia in June of 2008. I had planned to go down to the spa for a relaxing evening. It was about an hour before my appointment, and he kept telling me to leave. "Go now, they'll take you early," he kept saying. So, I left. I got to the spa, and they did take me right away. I had a wonderful treatment and was getting dressed when I heard someone call for me. They said my husband was looking for me at the front desk. I finished up and met him there with two other couples we had met during the week. Come to find out, we were heading to another resort for dinner. John was very nervous the entire ride over to dinner. We went in and were seated right away and ordered our meals. John kept looking around at every server that passed, but he never said anything. The other couples kept looking around too.

After dinner, we ordered dessert and by this time, John appeared to be ready to jump out of his skin. Dessert came, and I began eating. Much to my surprise, something was about to happen. A waiter with white gloves came walking over to the table and placed a very large plate of yummy desserts right in front of me. Written in chocolate sauce was a message: "Will you marry me, Wendi?" I wanted to say something, but I still had a mouthful of my first dessert. So, I began to cry and my face turned red. I picked up my napkin, not knowing what I should do with the dessert in my mouth. I shook my head yes to reply to John, but they all thought I was replying to them asking if I was choking, and they began moving towards me. I shook it again no to reply to them, but they thought I was telling John no. I was finally able to swallow and say yes!

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