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Sherry Y.

A year after my boyfriend and I had been dating officially and the fourth year of our friendship, we went to celebrate my 30th birthday at Six Flags in Arlington. We both are quite nerdy about many things including comics, movies, music and amusement parks. Spending the day riding coasters was the best way for me to celebrate a milestone birthday with my beloved. At the end of a long, tiring, hot Texas day, I was a little bit whiny and a whole lot ready to go home. However, my boyfriend kept stalling and saying that we needed to go back to the Batman Ride in Gotham City for one last thing. "What for?" I asked, "We've already been on all the rides there!" I grumbled as he dragged me along.

Once in Gotham City, he suddenly remembered that he needed something from the backpack that I had been carrying around all day. "Don't turn around," he said. I immediately knew something was up and began to feel really nervous and excited. After taking something out of my backpack, he turned me around slowly and said, "For your birthday, I thought you should have something special." That's when he presented me with a box and mumbled in his shy way, "So… will you…umm…" "Yes!" was my answer before he had even finished opening the box. I now tell people that I was proposed to in Gotham City.

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