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Sareeta S.

It was the day before my birthday and I didn't have much planned. I'd opted to not take the next day off of work, so I didn't have many expectations. My boyfriend asked me to go to a cheap Monday night movie; I figured sure! When he picked me up from work, I was in a pretty good mood. He just kept commenting on how happy he was that I was in a good mood all night, and we made our way to get a bite to eat before the show. We ate dinner and had a good time chatting it up with the bartender at one of my favorite local places. We even got a parking space right in front, which was a Godsend because it was raining that night.

We made it to the movie with time to spare and I laughed throughout the whole thing. We've always been the kind of people to wait until the credits are completely over to leave the movie, so as we sat in the seats as the credits started to roll I didn't think anything of it.

He leaned over and asked me if it would be silly if he asked me to marry him right then. To which I replied, "Everything you do is silly." He was slightly taken back, but said, "Good well, I brought something." He pulled the ring out of his pocket, put it on my finger and asked the big question. Then the tears really started flowing. We hugged and laughed and waited until the entire theatre was clear. Afterwards, we went to the same place that we had our first date for a celebratory drink. It couldn't have gone better.

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