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Victoria S.

We had only been dating about three months when he popped the question. At this time we were already living together, a little too quick I must say, but we were still going strong. His mother had let us borrow this old yellow couch that had a pull out bed which was perfect for when guests came. However, this was the only seat we had and was the equivalent to an oversized chair. With this said, we decided to purchase some new furniture. We ordered couches and tables, but they took about a month to get here because of the stores policy. We then decided to give the yellow couch to another family member, me fiancé's cousin, before we had our new furniture.

This is where it gets interesting. He got creative and since we had no furniture in the living room he covered a rubber tote that we kept our Christmas tree in with a big blue blanket. This served as a table. Then he proceeded to place rose petals all over the living room, kitchen and bathroom. He placed pillows on each side of the tote for us to sit on. We live in a small apartment, so this was not a big area. We had recently gotten a new black puppy lab which he tied a big red bow on his collar with my ring. He made a steak dinner and bought wine to go with it. I was the only one working at this time so we were kind of poor.

I was at work that night and he had a dozen red roses delivered to me. When I got home this was all set up. Our new puppy headed to the door when I came in and I saw the beautiful diamond bouncing around. The groom then ran over and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We then had our candle light dinner on the floor with our new dog. It was too sweet.

I'm not done yet. He then ran me a hot bubble bath. He had placed small votive candles all over the bathroom and the tub even had rose petals in it. After I jumped in he brought me desert. He had made this raspberry mint desert that he saw on a cooking show and fed it to me. To go along with the desert he popped open a bottle of champagne for us to drink in very pretty glasses. He treated me like a princess and I will never forget the night we got engaged. Our date is in September and we will have been engaged for about 2 years at that point.

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