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Sarah N.

My fiancé was a best man at our friend's wedding. We had spent the entire day having a blast with the 400 guests that were present. During the supper, I was seated with some of the ushers, while he was up front next to the groom. The speeches began and my fiancé followed the maid-of-honor with his toast. During his speech, he began to tell the story of how he had met the groom, how they had lived together through college and how they had become best friends. Then, he continued to explain how the bride had come into the picture and had suddenly become a part of the friendship as well. This continued, and he began to compare relationships to gravy on a piece of meat. He said that you really don't need gravy, but once it's there, it adds to your food. Also, he stated that you get used to having gravy, and when it's not there, you miss it.

Then, he said that the next step to gravy is a spare tire. When a relationship gets to that certain point, he said, it's more like a spare tire. Spare tires are always there for you when you need them, even in the toughest moments. I had thought it was sort of neat that he used this analogy because a month earlier, we had been traveling with the couple getting married and had ended up with a flat tire. Again, he used a spare tire as another analogy of a relationship. The tables then turned when my husband-to-be, started telling the crowd that he and his "gravy" had been together for more than three years. He invited me up front, and I was unsure of what was happening. He also had gotten my parents invited to the wedding and began pointing them out.

As he was pointing out my parents, I turned to see them and then turned back to my fiancé. At this point, he was down on his knee in front of more than 400 people and stated, "In front of God, family, friends and even strangers, will you be my spare tire?" I started shaking and tearing up, repeatedly saying yes to this man. He placed the ring on my finger, and I buried my head in his chest. My family and friends were there, and it was a perfect proposal. On a side note, he had gotten permission a month in advance from the bride and groom to propose at their wedding. So, it hadn't been a surprise to them. It added to their day of love, and they were more than happy to be a part of it.

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