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Sarah M.

I knew that Daniel (now my fiancé) was going to propose to me but I wasn't sure when. We picked out the ring together and everything. Daniel said that since I had known that he was going to propose to me, he was going to blindfold me everywhere we went to throw me off. Well, he proposed to me the first time he blindfolded me. He had this place all set up, and he walked me out by the lake while I was blindfolded. The ring was on this medium-sized rock. He told me to take the blindfold off, and I saw him on his knees, holding the ring. I looked around me and realized that it was such a beautiful day. It was very cold that day and the wind was blowing so it was very hard for me to let the tears come rolling out, but they did anyways. He read me the speech he had made about our three- year relationship, and then he popped the question: "Sarah. Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?" Of course I said yes! The whole time I had been standing out there, I kept on hearing a camera go off. When I looked to my side, I saw my sister standing there, crying her eyes out and taking pictures. I will never forget that day! It was the day that my life began.

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