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Sarah L.

I should start by explaining that I am very tied to my family and the home where I grew up. We travel the 5 hours to visit any chance we get. We had arrived on Wednesday night for an extended visit over the Easter long weekend, and to be a part of tapping trees in my Dad's maple bush in 2007. The first morning we were there Josh and I decided to go into town to get a few things and visit my Mom at work. Once we were done, Josh said he was tired and wanted to go back to the house, so I stayed in town to shop with my Mom since she was done work.

At this point, he rushed back to the house to see if my Dad (who was conveniently at home in between an appointment and going back to work) had tapped a maple tree yet. He had told my Dad of his intentions the night before and asked if he could help out since the maple trees weren't tapped yet. He got home to a very excited Father and a tapped tree, waiting for a ring to be planted. So he headed out to put the ring box in the bottom of "Sarah's Tree." When I was little I asked my Dad which tree ran the most and I claimed it as my tree.

Then the waiting began; Josh waited until I got home. At this point I was so tired from shopping, hungry, and cold all I wanted to do was get inside and relax. But no, Josh insisted that we go for a snowmobile ride to see the maple trees. After a while of convincing I finally agreed to, know that he wouldn't let it rest. We got all suited up and ready but once we were outside, the snowmobile wouldn't start. Of course, my Dad rushed out to help (my Mom had no idea what the plan was).

Finally, we got it started and we were on our way, until the first turn we made. I fell off and bumped my back, started to cry from frustration. I refused to get back on. Again, with much convincing, I got back on and we were on our way once again. Once we arrived at the trees we stopped to look around a bit and Josh asked me what tree was mine. I pointed in the direction so we drove up to it. He then said "why don't you get off and see if it's run at all."

Not realizing it was the ONLY tree that was tapped, I clumsily got off and trudged my way up to the base of the tree. I took the lid off and all I saw in the bottom of the pail was a tiny ring box. I froze, stared at it, and by the time I looked up, Josh was in front of me on one knee. After I exclaimed "YES!" we raced back to the house to reveal the surprise. My Mom was shocked (and a little angry that my Dad didn't tell her), my Dad was almost in tears, and Josh and I couldn't be happier!

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