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Victoria L.

The man of my dreams proposed to me on New Year's Eve afternoon, right after I got off from work. Shawn had the entire week off. He told me that he had been sleeping and playing video games for the majority of his break; I thought nothing of it. We had recently gotten back from a Christmas vacation in my hometown of Texas, and previous to that he had been drowning in work. I believed that he could use some relaxation. I, on the other hand, had been having a bad day at work because while most people had New Year's Eve off, I was stuck at work pretending like I was actually going to get something done.

I called Shawn as I was leaving for the day, and he said he'd be home when I got there. When I got to our apartment door, I was surprised to see a note over the keyhole that said, "Do Not Come In" and above that was a card addressed to me. I opened the card to find a picture of us that we had taken on our one year anniversary and a note saying how much he was looking forward to spending our third New Year's Eve together. The end of the note instructed me to take the stairs a few flights down in our apartment complex to find another note. In the stairwell, I found another envelope addressed to me. Inside this one was a picture of us on the Brooklyn Bridge and a note explaining how he moved to NYC to find a career, but instead found me. This made me so happy! The end of that note instructed me to go down to our favorite place by the water. We live by Riverside Park on the Upper West Side, and almost every weekend, rain or shine, I ask Shawn to take a walk with me down by the water to look at the boat basin. I've always loved water and being able to live so close to it with Shawn has been wonderful.

At this point, I got in the elevator to head towards the water and couldn't resist calling Shawn. I asked what was going on and if I was going to get to see him at the end of all this. He said to just go with it and we hung up. By this time, it had begun to snow pretty well outside. Being from the South, I'm still not used to snow and I'm still amazed at how beautiful it is when it begins to fall. If it hadn't have been snowing that day, I might have sprinted to our usual bridge by the water. Instead, I walked slowly to take the moment all in. I had no idea what was going on, but I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I was.

Shawn actually does nice, creative stuff like this frequently, so I didn't even suspect anything yet. We had already planned to go to dinner that night, so I thought this was part of the romance for our already set date. At the end of the bridge by the water I found the last envelope with a different picture of us on it. The note said how amazing he felt to have me in his life and it instructed me to walk along the water towards the boat basin. It said, "You won't find another note, but hopefully you'll find something better."

From the distance, I spotted Shawn sitting by the water. He was very dressed up and I really thought that my craziest dreams were coming true at that exact moment. He gave me a hug and began to propose. He had a beautiful speech planned, got down on his knee and presented me with the absolute dream ring!

On the walk back to our apartment, I realized that the remainder of the evening would not be spent going out to dinner, but would be spent making delighted phone calls. I mentioned needing to call my Mom right away! He surprised me by saying that while we were in Texas over Christmas, he had already asked both of my parents' permission! I had no idea and I couldn't believe that my parents were able to keep it a secret.

Finally, when we got back to our apartment and opened the door, a musical playlist of selected love songs began to play. On our table was chilled wine, roses, chocolates and three huge bridal magazines wrapped in a big red bow! Shawn knows me so well; this was the most romantic proposal I could have ever imagined. I feel very blessed and look forward to spending the rest of my life with this man!

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