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Sarah F.

The name "Sarah " means "princess. " I told Aaron that on our first date as one of those little facts you reveal about yourself when you are getting to know someone new. Almost immediately, Aaron and I shared a closeness that quickly transformed into love. So, it was not a surprise when the word "marriage " started popping up in our conversations now and then. Aaron said that he wanted to plan a big surprise for the proposal. Little did I know that December 3rd was going to be the day.

That morning, I ran off to the gym while Aaron said he was going to a meeting. As soon as I returned home, Aaron called and asked me to look under the coffee table. I looked, thinking he had forgotten something for his meeting, but instead I found a letter. I asked Aaron what it was, and he promptly said he would see me later and then hung up on me! As soon as I read the beautiful, loving words in the letter, I knew what was happening. The proposal!

In the letter, Aaron wrote that I had fifteen minutes to get myself ready and head to the park across the street. I was both excited and nervous. I could barely think clearly let alone clean myself up from the gym. I looked like a mess, but I didn't care. I pulled back my hair, threw on a coat and went downstairs. In the park, I had no idea what to expect. I looked around for Aaron, but instead I found a dozen red roses and another love letter on a bench. This time, Aaron instructed me to go to the studio where we first met. At the studio, on the exact couch where we had first laid eyes on each other, I found a third love letter and a bag of my favorite chocolates. I started crying when I read the letter because it made me think about our first meeting and how far we had come since that day. The letter also contained some money, which Aaron instructed me to spend to go shopping for something to sleep in because I wouldn't be returning home that night.

Shopping was a challenge because I couldn't think straight and figure out what to buy. After circling the stores for what seemed like forever, I finally bought a handful of items which sort of matched. Then, I went to the next location on Aaron's list, the entrance to Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As soon as I arrived, Aaron texted me directions into the park. I walked up a steep hill, and there it was, Belvedere Castle, a majestic building in the heart of the park with spectacular views in all directions. I climbed up three flights of steps to the top of the tower, and there Aaron stood, waiting for me. I was so happy to see Aaron that I just wanted to hug and kiss him. However, Aaron had a plan and promptly dropped to one knee and offered me a gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Blue is my favorite color!

Aaron said that he couldn't think of a better place to make a "princess " his "queen " and asked me to be his wife. I said yes! Then, I asked him to propose again since I wanted to say yes again. Aaron acquiesced and proposed. And then I said yes, again! It was perfect and I couldn't have been happier. After snapping a few photos of the big moment, Aaron whisked me off to a charming Bed & Breakfast in Harlem for the night. He had a restaurant that I love deliver my favorite meal for dinner. We then called our families and shared the great news. In the morning, Aaron finished off the whirlwind event with a couple's massage that I adored. On the way home, Aaron asked if he had done enough for the proposal. I was surprised and reassured him he had done more than enough: it was beautiful and perfect, and I couldn't have wished for more. Did Aaron succeed in surprising me with an amazing proposal? Yes. Do I wish I had cleaned myself up better for the photos at the top of the castle? Yes. Did I find my prince? Oh, yes!

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