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Sara P.

The saying "love at first sight " is something we thought could only happen on TV or in romance novels. However, Chris and I are now true believers. Chris and I met through a mutual friend and have not stopped falling in love since! Although our taste in movies may not be the same, we share many qualities, aspirations and interests that continue to grow each day. Chris and I are best friends.

Once upon a time, Chris called me at work and had three requests: first, to have our bags packed; second, to have our passports ready; and third, to schedule two specific dates in April off from work. I proclaimed, "Done! " As my anticipation continued to grow each second, I was loaded with questions. Of course, Chris had held onto his original agreement of keeping the surprise factor. Being the inquisitive person I am, however, I was able to negotiate getting a hint each day. After just a few short days, I had narrowed our destination down to Mexico.

After just a week, Chris let the details out. He made me commit to allowing him to arrange our Saturday plans and said that anything left that we had not already done, we could plan for Sunday. The weekend before we left, Chris and I stocked up on beach essentials. Upon our arrival, we checked in to our stunning hotel and went exploring. In the morning, we settled into lounge chairs near the pool, where we enjoyed water volleyball, cabana service and relaxation. Late afternoon arrived and Chris was anxious to get back to our room for a quick nap and primping for our dinner reservations.

Once we were dressed up, I followed Chris as we made a sudden change in route toward the beach instead of the restaurants. I noticed the wave breaker was adorned with flowers, a rose petal path and luminaries, but I only associated them with the wedding on location. However, as we approached, the photographer asked if my fiancé's name was Christopher. Chris smiled from ear to ear and the pictures began!

As we approached the arch, there was a rose petal walkway encompassed by candles and tropical flowers leading to a table set for two by the ocean. My tears began to well as I realized this was all for the two of us. As we took our seats, Chris ordered a bottle of wine and champagne to fill the beautifully accented wine glasses. Our private waiter, who soon became our lifelong friend, went back to the kitchen, and Chris dropped to one knee and proceeded with the most loving and heartfelt words. I was left with only one response: yes! Our photographer quickly resumed taking pictures and was fortunate enough to capture our priceless emotions, not to mention the remarkable portrait backdrop of a sunset.

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