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Sammy S.

My boyfriend, Scott, and I, had been dating for almost two years. On one Saturday, we spent the day at his college for an alumni day. We had great fun traversing the campus and seeing some of his old haunts. The day was pretty tiring, so we needed a nap afterwards. After the nap, he seemed pretty pumped to go to dinner; he's usually not a punctual man, so I was confused as to why he kept pushing me to get up and out the door.

We drove for about forty minutes to a lovely restaurant where we were escorted upstairs to a room with a solitary table in the middle with one candle on it. I was surprised, but he coolly explained that since I had worked five ER shifts in a row during this rotation for my residency, he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner. Accepting this explanation, I was satisfied, and we had a lovely and romantic, uninterrupted dinner. When it came time for dessert, our waitress came up the stairs and apologized that she forgot the dessert menus. I was not bothered at all, but a few minutes later she came back in the room, carrying a small chocolate cake, placed it on the table, and said, "Compliments of the chef!"

Around the cake was whipped cream, and on the whipped cream were green and yellow M&Ms, which read on them "I luv u 4ever" and "will you marry me?" I was stunned. In the midst of my stupor, Scott got up from his chair, then down on one knee, and asked me out loud if I would marry him. I of course said, "Yes!" The cake was delicious!

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