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Sabina C.

It was the day of the fourth anniversary since our first date. I wasn't feeling well so I sat in bed until around noon. My boyfriend had left for work. We had made plans to go ice skating in Atlanta's Centennial Park, and it was getting late. We left for the park at around 7:45 pm. Before that, I had seen three gifts for me on the living room table. I was intrigued. We went in the Centennial Park, but the ice rink was pretty much melted, so we decided to go back. When we got back, I opened my first two presents, and they were nice, but not what I had wanted to get for the past three or four years. So, I started to open the third one. After unwrapping two layers of wrapping paper, I saw a pretty big black box. I opened it to see a huge silver ring. I pulled on it and out came a mug. The handle of the mug was in the shape of an engagement ring. But wait! There were cotton balls in the mug as well. I dug through the cotton to find a little black box in the mug. I found a beautiful ring inside it, and then my honey proposed. I said yes!

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