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Ruby H.

Our story began with a much-needed and well-deserved trip over Memorial Day of 2008. We rented a cabin in the woods and a boat to go fishing in. The weather was fine during the day, but at night there were thunderstorms and even tornado watches. The first night we were there, it was raining and Mike, my boyfriend at the time, was on the dock fishing.

I was in the cabin getting dinner ready and putting in a movie. Mike came in the cabin and started helping me. He said he left his line in the water hoping to catch something. Five minutes later he asked me to go check his line. I complained saying, "You left it out there! You go get it!"

He pleaded and said he would get the fire going if I would just go reel in his line. I argued a bit more, but broke down and went out into the dark to pull his line in. When I got the hook out of the water, I really got mad because wasn't any bait on the hook. I started hollering back to the cabin, "How do you expect to catch a fish with no bait?"

I turned around holding the fishing pole up to the cabin window to show Mike that there wasn't any bait, and at that instant a glimmer caught my eye. Instead of bait at the end of the hook, there was an engagement ring. When I looked back up, Mike was on his knee asking me to marry him.

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