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Robin M.

Dave and I were up north at my family cottage. He took me to Pointe Betsie, the world renowned lighthouse and beach, and also one of my favorite places in the world. We were looking for rocks so we could make his grandparents a birdhouse out of Lake Michigan rocks. We do this often in my family, so I thought nothing of it.

We both had our buckets to collect rocks, and we started walking the Lake Michigan shoreline picking up the prettiest rocks we could find. I was kneeling in the sand, right on the water, and picking out my favorite colors and shapes. Dave came up behind me and said, "Hey hun, look at these pretty rocks!"

I turned around and he had two rocks and the ring in the palm of his hand. He got down on one knee right there and asked me to marry him. I was speechless! After tears, hugs and kisses I looked down the beach and saw my immediate family running over to congratulate us. He had asked permission from my parents a few weeks earlier, so they followed us to the beach to be there and celebrate with us. The sun, beach, lighthouse, water, family and the way he proposed were all absolutely perfect!

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