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Orange, Yellow and Blue Wedding Invitations

Dreamy Peony

Orange, Yellow, Blue Invites As low as $ 1.69
5 Star Rating (4)

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Orange, Yellow and Blue Wedding Invitations

Utilizing vibrant colors is a terrific way show off your personality and uniqueness as a couple on your big day.

You can begin to set the tone for a fun, modern wedding day by utilizing color in your wedding invitation. Colors such as orange, yellow and blue wedding invitations are a bright way to show guests that this wedding will be a party to remember. After your guests receive their bright, beautiful invitation they will expect a day that is filled with cheer.

You can also express your personality by using a vivacious floral arrangement and colorful bridal party attire in corresponding colors. Don't know what color to choose for your big day? Color choices can invoke an emotional response. Colors are known to have different energies. For example, blue is the color of wisdom and purity. Yellow is full of energy, symbolizing joy and happiness. If you are at all superstitious, consider orange as it is the color Lady Luck. Orange signifies vitality with endurance which is a terrific way to start off your marriage promise in front of your friends and family.

So get those bright orange, yellow and blue wedding invitations ready and show your guests that your wedding day will be as happy and cheerful as the bride and groom.

Customer reviews of our Orange, Yellow and Blue Wedding Invitations

April 7, 2012Very classy

"I really thought this invite was very lovely. I would only change the font I used on our names to something more related to a calligraphy font. Otherwise it was simply lovely and I recommend using the shimmery pearl paper, so pretty! The pink and green really go well together."

March 7, 2012Peony

"It looks like a water colored art piece, but done electronically. I like the quality of the paper and the coloring. The image seemed to pop."

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