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Wedding Invitation Enclosures Etiquette

Do you need to know what type of enclosures you should include with your wedding invitations as well as what those enclosures should say? Do you need to brush up on your etiquette for sending wedding invitation reply cards? Our comprehensive and informative guide below provides all of the information you will need about wedding response card etiquette, suggestions on wedding invitation reply cards and more.

Invitation Enclosures Etiquette

The enclosures included in your wedding invitations do more than just help you keep track of how many guests will be coming to your wedding. That is why invitation enclosure etiquette-from wedding response card etiquette to wedding reception card etiquette-is so vital.

Wedding Response Card Etiquette

Enclosed within the invitation, the wedding response card is always sent with a stamp affixed to a self-addressed envelope. This helps to ensure that the bride and groom and/or wedding planners have an accurate count of the number of guests expected to attend. An additional benefit of response cards is that they can also include the guests' meal preferences so just the right amount of food and drinks are ordered.

Wedding Reception Cards Etiquette

What do you do if not all information about the reception will fit on the invitation? Send wedding reception cards with the additional information you need to supply. These wedding reception cards also are good if you are inviting more guests to the ceremony than the reception. In this case, these cards are inserted into the invitations of only certain people.

In addition to wedding reception cards, map and direction cards should also be printed and included if some guests aren't as familiar with the area in which you're holding your ceremony. These should be included in everyone's invitation if you so choose to print them.

Pew Cards or Within-the-Ribbon Cards Etiquette

You may want certain family members or close friends to sit within a certain area for the ceremony. Known commonly as "within-the-ribbon," those invitees you wish to sit here are sent specific pew cards detailing this information. These guests present their pew cards to the ushers who seat them accordingly.

Other Wedding Card Etiquette

For outdoor weddings, rain cards can be sent to direct guests to an alternate location-such as a tent or a building-in the event of rain. Transportation cards can be sent to guests letting them know that arrangements have already been made for certain transportation. For example, you may want a shuttle bus to take them to and from the church or designated parking areas.

On a traditional note, name cards and at-home cards can also be sent, either within the invitation or after the wedding takes place. These are given to invitees when the couple changes its name or when the couple changes its residency.

Whatever wedding cards you decide to send in addition to the invitation, all can be designed and formatted to have a cohesive look and feel. Wedding Paper Divas has all of the designs you could imagine.

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