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Wedding Thank You Card Wording & Etiquette

After months of planning and a day of exhilarating celebration, the thank you card is the most forgotten part of a shower or wedding. But it is one of the most important details because it lets your guests know how appreciative you are that they shared in your wonderful event.

In sending thank you cards to your guests, there is certain thank you card etiquette you should keep in mind.

Response time

The most common question people have about sending thank you cards is "When should they be sent?" Bridal shower thank you notes should be sent within two weeks of the event. Brides and grooms should wait no more than 6-8 weeks after the ceremony to send their wedding thank you cards.

In fact, couples should start sending thank you notes as soon as the gifts start arriving, even if it is before the wedding. This will help couples who have 100+ thank you cards to send out after the wedding.

To face the daunting task of sending so many thank you notes, couples should create a goal to write a certain number of wedding thank you cards each day.

In an effort to speed up response time, brides and grooms often order thank you cards with the wedding invitations. While it is not required that they match, it offers couples a cleaner, more cohesive look.

The Contents

The real challenge couples face is what to write in their thank you notes. The basic formula to remember is to greet the guest, express gratitude, be specific about the gift, and thank them for attending (or for thinking of you if they could not attend).

When making specific reference to the gift, tell the giver how you will use the gift. For example, "We use the cappuccino maker every morning. We cannot live without it." If you do not like the gift, simply say "thank you" or say "I'll think of you every time I use it."

Check and re-check to make sure the person you are thanking for a gift is actually the person who sent it. Other than misspelling a guest's name, nothing is more unflattering than mixing up guests and gifts. One way to ensure accuracy is to write the thank you card as you open each gift.

For monetary gifts, on the other hand, thank them for their generosity without mentioning a specific amount. You may even want to say something such as "Your generosity will help with the down payment for our new home."

Even if a guest did not give a gift, it is still important to send them a thank you card that says, "Thank you for attending." Providing thank you cards to vendors is also an important detail to remember as they helped make your day special, too.

Always send bridal shower thank you notes separate from wedding notes, even if they are to the same person.

Another way to add a personal touch to the thank you note is to include a photo that was taken with you and the attendee at the wedding. In addition to thanking the gift giver, this idea will enable you to give something back to the guest as a token of appreciation.

Addressing and Sending

When sending your thank you notes, you should address each one to the individual who attended or the individual who signed your gift card. For families, you should address the envelope to "Mr. and Mrs." The salutation inside can use their first names as long as you have a close relationship with them. For those you have a more formal relationship with, you should maintain the Mr. and Mrs. greeting inside the note. In the body, mention your gratitude to the other family members who attended.

For an added personal touch you can use specialty or collector's stamps from the post office. Also, remember to hand-stamp every note. Prepaid postage techniques are too impersonal. Another option is to purchase personalized postage stamps with a wedding photo.

Following these basic etiquette rules should make sending out thank you notes significantly easier so you can enjoy life as a newlywed.

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