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Anniversary Gifts through the Years

Anniversary gifts are not always a must for anniversaries, but they are a nice touch. So after selecting the perfect anniversary card to accompany the gift, what is the next step to choosing your anniversary gift? Most anniversary gift ideas are taken from the traditional and modern list of anniversary gifts which follows:

1st Anniversary - Paper & Clocks. At first this may seem daunting but consider the possibilities. Elegant origami is simple and can be cheap to make if you are on a budget. If you aren't then a pair of tickets to a ball game, or a certificate for a couple's massage can also be fun ideas.

2nd Anniversary - Cotton & China. This can be as simple as a set of nice Egyptian cotton sheets, or a set of nice China. Or you could go the funny route and give a box with a handful of cotton or a map of China.

3rd Anniversary - Leather, Crystal, & Glass. You can take this almost any way with a beautiful set of crystal, a lovely set of hand-tooled leather bands, or a pretty glass sculpture.

4th Anniversary - Fruit, Flowers, & Appliances. It's getting to be that time of marriage where the wedding appliances will begin to need replacing; the anniversary gift of a new toaster, a gorgeous rose bush, or a basket of fruit will all be appreciated.

5th Anniversary - Wood & Silverware. Heading for the humorous, you can give the couple a huge butcher's knife to help them with arguments, or a set of useful utensils if you would prefer to stay with the practical. A pile of firewood, if the couple has a fireplace, or even a portable fire pit for their backyard or patio all make great gifts.

6th Anniversary - Candy, Iron, & Wood. A beautiful wooden box filled with delicious candies is the perfect gift for this occasion.

7th Anniversary - Wool, Copper, & Desk Sets. A little woolen sock filled with pennies, a pretty copper desk set, or a comfy, warm woolen comforter will all be loved.

8th Anniversary - Bronze, Pottery, Linen, & Lace. A pretty new lace tablecloth that can be cherished for generations, or an interesting piece of pottery would be excellent anniversary gifts for this celebration.

9th Anniversary - Pottery, Willow, & Leather. Everyone loves rocking chairs, the gift of a willow rocking chair would be loved by any couple. Other ideas include a pottery tea set, or decorative gardening pots.

10th Anniversary - Tin & Aluminum. A good gag gift would be a roll of tin foil but if you are looking for something a little more serious then try a set of new aluminum cooking pans and pots or tea/coffee tins filled with delicious drinks.

11th Anniversary - Steel & Jewelry. A beautiful set of jewelry or a new set of knifes is a good gift for this anniversary.

12th Anniversary - Silk & Linen. A lovely linen tablecloth or linen napkins are the perfect way to congratulate any couple celebrating this anniversary.

13th Anniversary - Lace, Textiles, & Fur. A lace tablecloth, a fur rug, or even a funny stuffed animal are all good gifts.

14th Anniversary - Ivory, Gold, & Jewelry. Ivory can be hard to obtain so use your creativity a bit and find a set of lovely ivory cloth napkins, a set of rich ivory sheets, or even a beautiful bouquet of ivory and gold roses.

15th Anniversary - Crystal & Watches. A matching set of his and her watches would be a much appreciated anniversary gift for the couple, reminding them both of their anniversary and of their time together.

20th Anniversary - China & Platinum. China baking dishes are a nice gift for any couple, or you can find a lovely china vase and fill it with flowers. A pretty china photo frame with a photo of the happy couple in it also makes a sweet gift.

25th Anniversary - Silver. You can go almost anywhere with this from silver jewelry, to a silver car, to a silver colored set of bathrobes.

30th Anniversary - Pearls. If you don't want to give a gift of pearl jewelry then why not an album from Pearl Jam, or a set of bowls with mother of pearl insides.

35th Anniversary - Coral & Jade. A beautiful piece of jewelry or a nice sculpture would be lovely anniversary gifts.

40th Anniversary - Rubies. Anything ruby colored will make a lovely gift; a few ideas are tablecloths, nail polish, area rugs, or a new journal.

45th Anniversary - Sapphires. Anything sapphire colored is the perfect gift, a new thermos and coffee maker, or a set of monogrammed towels or sheets.

50th Anniversary - Gold. Gold statues, napkin rings, or pens make a good gift. If you are looking for something a little more lavish, why not get your friends or family to all pitch in money to send the lucky couple to Las Vegas to win a little gold?

55th Anniversary - Emeralds. Any emerald colored gift is suitable whether matching bathrobes and slippers, a piece of furniture, or a photobook filled with memories.

60th Anniversary - Diamonds. If you aren't giving diamonds on this occasion, give some diamond-studded memories. Compile a photobook of photo memories, or a scrapbook of letters and stories. Or give the gift of an experience with a diamond level cruise to an exotic location.

Don't feel pressured by this list; it's only a few ideas to help you find the perfect anniversary gifts for the celebrating couple on their happy occasion.