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Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversary parties are a great way to celebrate the achievement of a wedding anniversary. Parties can be fun and easy, so if you are looking for anniversary party ideas to suit that anniversary invitation, then look no further!

Anniversary party ideas start with the party theme. Choosing a theme for your party is perhaps one of the most fun parts. You can go with the traditional theme of paper or clocks for the first anniversary, wood or silverware for the fifth anniversary, etc. (you can find a full list of these in our article on anniversary gift ideas). If you decide to choose to a more modern theme then you should think about a few of these economical anniversary party ideas:

  1. A good celebration for the 50th anniversary is to replicate the original wedding ceremony with renewal of vows. You can usually find a church or even celebrate this in your home, a few key decorations will help it seem like the original ceremony. Take pictures of the original cake to your local bakers and they will usually be able to replicate it for you. If you have access to the original cake topper then it will be all the better.
  2. Another anniversary party idea is to create a timeline of the couple's relationship with poster boards and spread them around the room for guests to look at. You can ask family members and friends to write a short paragraph about favorite memories and paste these on the boards as well, or have it all made up into a beautiful photo book to present to the couple as a gift. This works well for any wedding anniversary, whether the first or the 60th.
  3. If you're using the traditional theme for anniversaries, why not integrate that into your party? For the 14th anniversary you can decorate with ivory and gold; gold napkin rings with ivory napkins, ivory tablecloths with gold candles, it's not difficult. You can even find a treasure chest and fill it with fake gold pieces and have it has the main centerpiece on each table if you wish. The possibilities are endless.
  4. If the couple has always wanted to go to Hawaii or was married in Hawaii, why not have an anniversary party luau? Barbeque some shish kabobs and pineapple, make sure every guest has a lei (whether real flowers or bought from the dollar store), play a little Hawaiian music and provide grass skirts to those who want it.

Wedding anniversary party ideas don't stop here. You can use almost any theme to create the feel and environment that you want for the perfect wedding anniversary party.

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