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Five Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding Proposal

  1. Ensure the proposal is a rhetorical question.

    Approach the subject of marriage with your significant other before popping such a question out of the blue. Be as certain in your heart as you can be that she shares your feelings and wants to take your hand in such a commitment. Many men do not discuss marriage openly with their girlfriends in favor a more old-fashioned approach which puts any engagement solely on their terms. At this day and age such a strategy can be extremely risky. Make sure you are fairly certain what her answer will be before rushing out to buy that ring or penning any engagement invitations. Otherwise you are increasing the chances of breaking your heart and your bank account simultaneously.

  2. Ask her family's permission.

    It has long been tradition to ask the father for his daughter's hand in marriage. It started as a Roman custom which was known as "the joining of hands". The proposer would give the proposee's father a coin that symbolized the purchase of the bride. The father would then pass on his daughter as a bride into the groom's hands. This is obviously extremely outdated in present society but it is still respectful to ask parents for permission to marry their daughter. It is certainly still appreciated in modern times and among the quickest ways to stay in a family's good books.

  3. Find the perfect engagement ring.

    The engagement ring is the first real token of your intended lifetime commitment and always accompanies those four special words that signify your desire to spend the rest of your life with its intended recipient. "Will you marry me?" There are several tips to remember to help ensure you get a ring she will adore. Take her window-shopping if she is picky about her jewelry. Even let her pick it out if she is that aware of your imminent proposal. If you want it to be more of a surprise, talk to her friends and relatives to find out what she likes and the proper size. Which you should already know! Also, pay attention to how she reacts to seeing the engagement rings of friends for the first time. This will give you great insight into her personal preferences and even those of her circles of friends. Lastly, talk to the fiances of the aforementioned friends for references to jewelers, save the date invitations and more.

  4. Choose the perfect proposal location.

    Do not make it a dead giveaway that she will see coming a mile away. Instead carefully choose a place that has personal significance to the both of you and your relationship. Where you had your first kiss, your first date or the place you first met are all locales worthy of popping the big question! Alternately, you can select a setting that embraces strong themes of romance and love. A candle lit dinner or beautiful scenic environment that will take her breath can be the perfect backdrops for your ever-so-important question. You can get as extravagant as Tom Cruise did when he proposed to Katie Holmes at the top of the Eiffel Tower - but most women will treasure creativity, sentimentality and personal thought over financial excess.

  5. Spell out your heartfelt reasons.

    Make your proposal more than just a simple question. Tell her exactly what the prospect of being her husband means to you. Lead into the proposal with kind, loving words that touch upon your time together to date and what your specific hopes are for the future. This will demonstrate your sincere love for her and exhibit the level of thought that you put into planning the special moment. Do not be afraid to get a little mushy. Put your ego on the shelf for a minute and let your emotions do the talking. She will love it.

    Asking another person to join you on the adventure that is the rest of your life is not an easy task on the best of days. Remember to be yourself, speak from the heart and most importantly - bookmark this page for future reference! These five tips are here to help your marriage proposal run as smooth as the silk on her wedding dress. Best of luck and congratulations in advance!