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Natasha F.

Ted took me to the Boathouse in Central Park because he knew that it was one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It was Easter weekend, and his parents were in town along with his brother and wife. Because it was Easter, I thought nothing of the family being in town from Atlanta and Houston. Oftentimes, when we are together, we play little games; this afternoon, it was hangman. I spelled out "Central Park," and Ted just did a lousy job of figuring out the letters. He finally lost, and I couldn't figure out why he was so distracted. When it was his turn, he wrote out blanks for four words. I said, "Yes, that's four words, tricky!" My usual approach is the A. E. I. O. U. strategy, so I stuck to it. Finally, it dawned on me what he had written out. "Will you marry me?" My father had created the engagement ring with his own hands. That morning, he and my mom, along with my brother, had driven up from Washington DC to make the ring handoff to Ted's brother. During our hangman marathon, Ted's brother and pregnant wife had come to say hello at the Boathouse and made the second handoff to Ted. I had known nothing all along. I was just happy to see the family and until Ted pulled the gorgeous ring out of his pocket, I had been oblivious to the planning.

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