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Madeleine R.

After three and a half years of long distance struggles, torn between the love we felt in our hearts and the lives we were leading in Indiana and New York, fate finally brought us together in the big city. With a dramatic road leading to the big day, Joel, my fiancé, knew he wanted to make our reunion meaningful.

While taking a train ride to meet my father to ask for his blessing, Joel devised his proposal plan. The next morning, he woke me up with a phone call and encouraged me to meet him for coffee and the morning commute. Instead, what I found when I stumbled out of my bedroom was an apartment covered in rose petals and poems from him everywhere. As the morning unfolded he led me with a series of written clues: out the door, down rose-petal laden hallways and into a hired car with a special mission.

The note that the driver handed me said, "Meet you in the middle." The driver was in on the secret too. While I was kept guessing, he drove me to an unfamiliar intersection in Brooklyn and dropped me off. He encouraged me to keep following the rose petals. I found my way to a bike path with more petals placed there just for me, and ultimately the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge!

I realized what was happening by this point, and had a half-mile walk to ponder my response to the question I knew was coming. When I arrived in the middle Joel was sitting on a park bench; he had been waiting for quite some time. He got down on one knee in the midst of tourists, bikers and roller-bladders and asked me to marry him. He used words that evoked our first talks about beginning a relationship and offered a ring that left me speechless with its exquisite beauty.

I walked across the rest of the bridge to the city while holding his hand. I was the happiest girl in New York City that morning. My boss forgave me for coming in very late to work that day and now every time I see the Brooklyn Bridge I remember the moment of our engagement. The ageless monument now stands as testament to our love and happiness.

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