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Lindsay C.

Geoff and I are a "normal" couple. We pretty much have a perfect life together and complement each other quite well. The only glitch in this story is that this is both our second marriage. Geoff is 32 years old and I am 28 years old. My first marriage lasted just two weeks shy of one year, while Geoff's marriage lasted four and a half years. So, you can imagine how we both felt when we first met.

Exactly one year ago today, we met on It's strange how God just places people in our lives. By our third date, I just knew we were meant to be! Geoff proposed on December 4, 2008, with a ring he had been designing for three months. I came home from a work dinner several hours late, only to realize he had made me a gift that he was dying to give it to me! Geoff had scrap booked the entire year. Yes, scrap booked! It was awesome; he had taken a picture of the numbers on my old apartment building, included lyrics to songs, you name it! It was incredibly sweet and I couldn't believe this big, muscled man had cut and pasted the last year of our life. And this is the reason why I am marrying him. Geoff is such an incredible guy and I am very blessed to have in my life. We are both getting a second chance at love and the rest of our life! Neither of us had a "real" wedding the first time, so this time, it's all about family and fun!

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