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Lela G.

I met Slaven in June of 2008, and it was love at first sight. I was on vacation in Serbia and Bosnia, visiting family and friends. I went to town to visit my best friend who was also there on vacation, and we went out for coffee. She called her cousin to come and meet up with us. When he (Slaven) came, I was immediately smitten. The following evening, we all went out together, and Slaven and I have been inseparable ever since. I was there for two months, and when I left in August, he was the one who ended up driving me two hours to the airport. We left a day earlier and spent the evening at his grandparents' house, which was nearby.

That evening, we were talking and I jokingly referred to him by his full name. He then did the same to me, and we got into a discussion about whose last name was better. After a couple minutes of playful arguing, Slaven said to me, "How would you like to be Lela Majstorovic?" I replied, "I would love to be Mrs. Majstorovic." We didn't officially have a ring, but upon my return to the States, I bought another ticket to visit my love. I went in October for four weeks, and he officially proposed. He gave me a ring, and we celebrated with his family. I returned yet again in December for two weeks with my family, and we had our engagement party. Slaven is coming to the United States soon, and we will be together forever!

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