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Kate T.

One day, my boyfriend Gerard told me to call work for a vacation day. He said that we would be going away for the weekend but wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we would be doing. All Gerard said was that he knew I love surprises and that this was an early birthday present. We got in the car early Friday morning from his parents' house in New Jersey, and I slept the entire way. When I woke up, I still had no clue where we were, but I saw a sign for Newport Road Island on the highway.

As we were driving over the bridge that would take us to Newport, he told me that he knew how much I loved the ocean so he decided to take me to a cottage on the water. Gerard made reservations at the Castle Hill Inn and Resort, where he had planned our entire weekend including a visit to a small downtown museum because he knew I loved art. He had picked that particular weekend to vacation because there was a seafood festival, and he knew that I loved seafood. After we checked in, we went to eat in a downtown area and played in a local arcade for several hours.

When Gerard and I came back to our cottage, we got ready to go to dinner at the Inn. He wanted to take me on a hike before dinner to show me a trail that he knew I would like. We started down the trail and after several minutes, the trail opened up into a large field. I looked to my right and noticed that a gentleman from the inn was standing there. We turned and started to walk towards him. I asked Gerard why that guy was standing there, but he said that he didn't know and that we should keep walking. We walked up and the man looked at us and said "Mr. Duffy? " Gerard replied "yes, " and the man from the inn walked away. I still didn't know what was going on.

We took two more steps, and I saw a lighthouse on a cliff that was overlooking the water right in front of me. We took a few more steps and to my surprise, there was a table draped with white tablecloth. On top of table were white Egyptian Cala lilies (my favorite) and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. He sat me down on one of the chairs, and as the sun was setting, he handed me a Costa Rican wooden love box and told me it was a puzzle. When I removed the last piece of the puzzle and saw a diamond ring inside, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. There was a boat passing by that had stopped while everything was happening, and when I said yes, they all started cheering and honking the horn.

We both called our parents and told them about the surprise. However, it wasn't news to them because my fiancé had flown to Ohio five months ago to ask my father for permission for my hand in marriage. Later on, I asked Gerard why that man from the hotel was there, and he told me that the man had arranged for security at each entrance to the trail so that no one would bother us. For the rest of the weekend, we celebrated and enjoyed Newport Road Island.

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