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Jenny S.

I have been living and working as a teacher at an international school in Taipei, Taiwan for almost three years now. About a year and a half ago, my best friend said she was trying an online dating service and that I should give it a try. I signed up and met my fiancé two months later. We started talking online for several months, and then he asked to start a relationship with me. Even though he was living and working in Alaska, he had accepted a position at my school in Taiwan!

We finally met that summer at the airport on our way to Taiwan to start teaching for the current school year. He flew me and my son home with him for Christmas to the United States as our holiday gift. We stayed with his family in Oregon for one week, and then we spent a week with my family in Washington. He and I did some ring shopping over Christmas, and he made a purchase! I was excited, but it seemed sort of surreal. He kept hinting that the proposal would be pretty amazing.

A week before Valentine's Day, he and my son announced that they had planned a very special surprise for me that weekend. All they would tell me was that I should pack bags for the entire weekend and bring travel documents with me. After school ended on Friday, a shiny black taxi picked us up and drove us to the airport. There I learned that we were flying to Hong Kong! Right then, I knew he was taking me to Disneyland for the weekend. It may sound silly, but I absolutely love Disneyland and my son does too, of course! He had booked a room for all of us at the Disney Hollywood Hotel, a unique and beautiful hotel. On Saturday night, Valentine's Day, we found a spot in front of the castle to watch the nightly fireworks that close the evening.

Just before the fireworks started, my fiancé had given my son the camera and had told him to take as many pictures of the show as he wanted. Then, my fiancé started talking seriously and said, "This is the moment you've been waiting for. " He got on his knee in front of all of the other tourists and asked me to marry him! My son was taking shots of our "show " the whole time! I had to tease him a little bit for making me wait for two months after he had purchased the ring, so I gave him an "I don't know. " It took him a bit by surprise and when I said yes, he almost forgot to give me the ring! He did give it to me, finally.

Then we got to watch the fireworks display before heading back to the hotel. He later told me that he had kept the ring in a Ziploc bag in his pocket throughout thy day because he'd known that I would be able to see the box in his pocket. He also said that he had discovered there was a hole in the bag while at the park and that he had been a nervous wreck all day, thinking he would lose the ring! We got back and had the pleasure of announcing the engagement to our co-workers and students. We also called our families to tell them! It's been a lot of fun celebrating and planning, and we're thrilled that our family is happy. He gave me the perfect weekend, a weekend with our new family together in a magical place that got us away from work and the everyday life. He then asked me spend the rest of my life with him. Absolutely perfect!

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