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Jamie L.

We were spending Christmas Eve with his parents and had a lot to do that day. We were exhausted, but he insisted that we go down and sit by a fire near the lake that his dad had built. So, we walked and sat on a wood bench near the fire which is right by a lake. That night the water looked like glass with hints of light shining from its reflection. It was beautiful and the stars were glistening in the midnight blue sky.

We just talked for a bit, and he was fidgeting, and acting nervous. So, I joked around saying, "Why so nervous?" He said, "I'm not, I just am tired." So of course, me, being the sassy girl that I am, I said, "So you are tired, so you are fidgeting to keep yourself awake like a five year old?" So, we go on talking. He told me, "You know how much I love you right?" I responded, "Yeah, I love you too." He then pulled out a white box that held a beautiful diamond ring with a marquis cut.

He told me, "This is why I was so nervous; I want you to be my wife." I smile and asked, "Well, are you going to ask?" He grinned and said, "Will you be my wife?" I said, "Of course!" We kissed and sat by the fire a little while longer. I went back inside to get a drink and his parents had been waiting up to congratulate me and welcome me to the family. It was really nice. I also found out that, his dad proposed to his mom on Christmas Eve, so it was a little extra special.

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