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Tanaya S.

On May 24, 2008, Kamuzu took me on a date I will never forget. It began with lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Lauriol Plaza. As I reflect it was a beautiful day and our lunch was especially tasty. After lunch, I was under the impression we would catch a movie, but Kamuzu had other ideas. He'd planned the surprise of my life.

As we drove away I realized we were not going toward the movies. We ended up at the National Harbor, he ushered me towards the Sea Dog for a boat tour along the Potomac River. The tour was nice; we floated south along the Potomac pausing to hear interesting facts and to see Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. As we returned to the dock, I began to daydream that today would have been a perfect day to get engaged, but I quickly put those thoughts to rest.

Kamuzu grabbed my hand and led me toward the Gaylord hotel. The hotel is unbelievable; we led ourselves on a tour. Without much effort we found a sitting area in the atrium of the hotel overlooking the indoor garden. He excused himself and returned a short time later with my favorite flowers, Calla Lilies. Soon thereafter we decided to take a walk outside. It was a moment to remember - the sun was setting as we walked into the garden. We took our time and found the perfect spot to stare at the sunset. As I focused on the sun I did not notice the he had slipped to his knee. As soon as I did, I began to cry. He asked me to marry him, and I said, "Yes!"

During our special moment, another couple watched it all unfold. The kind couple came over and offered to take a picture of us! I was told there was one more surprise; he led me back into the hotel. I ended up in a room decorated with rose pedals and burning candles. It was gorgeous! By this point, I was at a loss for words. He then whispered that there was one more thing. We went to one of the hotel's restaurant, and to my surprise there stood my friends, Amani and Arminta. Arminta is a professional photographer, so she took some pictures that I will treasure forever!

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