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Ami O.

Ting and I had known we were meant to be together the day we met during our freshman orientation at college. However, it was a long time before either of us admitted it. We met by chance during the scheduled events, and we spent the whole day together and stayed up all night talking. The summer before our senior year, Ting took me back to campus to celebrate our three years together. It was late and the campus was quiet and empty. We walked around outside, remembering the day we had met and sharing memories of our time together at school. Finally, we ended up looking at the beautiful fountain that we had admired the day we met.

Ting dug into his pocket, pulled out a dime and challenged me to make a wish by throwing it in the fountain. That first day at orientation, I had landed the coin in the smallest pool of the tiered fountain to his amazement. I had wished that he would become someone important in my life. The night of our anniversary, as we watched the water cascade down the fountain, Ting handed me a dime. I smiled and smoothly landed it in the same spot as I had the day we met. I didn't dare make a wish, but Ting kneeled down just the same and pulled out the ring. It may not have been the extravagant, public proposal some girls dream about, but for me, it couldn't have been more perfect. In such a simple and sweet way, Ting showed me how much our first meeting had impacted him and how important I was to him.

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