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Amber W.

During our first trip together, my fiancé and I went to the beach. We had both just gotten out of long relationships when we started to spend time together. Our beach trip was our way of deciding if we were ready to make the jump to become more than friends. The trip was like a sign. On our way to the hotel, we saw the most brilliant shooting star that I had ever seen, and it left a huge trail of stardust before it simmered away into the dark night. As we walked down to the beach the next day, we found an amazing shark's tooth like the kind you buy at stores. The weather was perfect and everything seemed to bring good luck.

Exactly two years later, my fiancé and I again took a trip to the beach. We were walking hand in hand on the beach, with the sun shining and the waves crashing onto the shore. It was quiet and calm except for a couple of dogs and their owners playing. There was nothing around except for the seagulls resting on the beach. It was only us and a seemingly infinite stretch of sand. I remember saying how beautiful the weather was when my fiancé paused and look at me very intently. I intuitively knew something was going on. He pulled a box out of his sweatshirt and asked, "Will you marry me? " With a smile beaming on my face, I wrapped my arms around him exclaiming, "Yes, of course! " And mere minutes later, it seemed that nature gave its consent: we found a lot of shark's teeth just like the first time we were walking on the beach.

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