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Sherin T.

My engagement story is not as elaborate as those of my friends, but it was perfect in all of its simplicity. The Brooklyn Bridge has been a key monument in so many of our dating adventures: it was the site of my first meeting with his mom, the bridge we walked across every time we had guests come to visit and the bridge we walked across the weekend after my grandmother had passed away. It was long ago coined "our bridge. " The day before my fiancé's birthday, he began surprising me with little treats: dozens of roses, dinner at my favorite restaurant and ice cream from our favorite place. I can't say it was too alarming because he often surprises me with little treats.

After dinner, he suggested that we take advantage of the unusually warm October day and walk along the bridge. I wish I could say the rest of the evening worked out perfectly, but it was a disaster. The subways were extra slow and the lines were shut down for no apparent reason. About halfway there, I had had enough. I wanted to go home and get out of the subway. I told him that the bridge would be there for us to walk on tomorrow and that we should walk home now. He had such a sad look on his face, and I couldn't say no to him before his birthday. So, on we went. As we got off the train, I realized that he had made the right choice because it was a perfect night.

As we walked along, he became obsessed with getting someone to take our picture. Already exhausted, I said we didn't need a picture. Again, I was met with resistance and realized that fighting would have been useless. So, on we went to look for someone to take our picture. When we finally found someone and were posing for the picture, I looked over at him, and he was down on one knee! I realized quickly that this was it. I wish I could tell you that I answered in an eloquent, ladylike way, but no such luck. In my shock and disbelief, the only words that came out of my mouth were "shut up " and "put it on my finger. "

Unfortunately, the girl taking our picture was as shocked as I was and did not capture the event on film. After calling his parents, we soon realized that his mom would not be happy unless there was a quick photo redo. So, although we don't have the perfect first picture, we do have a nearly perfect redo. Much like us, our proposal story wasn't perfect; it wasn't over the top, and it wasn't some grand adventure. However, in all its imperfection and simplicity, it is by far my favorite engagement story.

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