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Shannon H.

Derek and I had been together for six and a half years at the time, and we talked daily about getting engaged and married. In January, we decided to go to a jewelry store and try on some rings. I tried on a beautiful one that I fell in love with. Two months later, Derek and I made plans to go see the Body Exhibit when it came to Pittsburgh. I was actually really sick a few days before and had trouble sleeping that night. However, Derek actually had a tougher time falling asleep but for a very different reason.

When Derek came to my house that morning, I was still getting ready and had just straightened my hair. Throughout our relationship, Derek and I had always written "why I love you " notes. Derek was sitting on the floor next to me while we were talking and handed me a note. After I read it, I thanked him and kissed him. He then, with a shaky voice, told me there was something else, and I reached in his pocket. I immediately started to cry because I knew what he was doing. He proposed, and I said yes after saying, "Oh my God " and "Are you serious? " fifteen times. Derek then handed me the same note he had given me before, but this one read, "Will you marry me? " It was perfect.

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