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Sarah M.

The moment that I laid eyes on Matt, I knew that he would be a significant part of my life. I was the client and he was my Project Manager. After toying around at work for quite a few months, we finally decided to go on a date. It was quintessentially "the date to end all dates." Attached at the hip from that point on, we started to fall in love. He asked me to move in and I said yes.

It was two weeks after I moved in that Matt was called up for active duty with the Army Reserves. After a whirlwind two weeks, packing and driving cross-country, I found myself alone in his house. With the relationship still being somewhat young and fragile, we knew this would either make us or break us. For six long months: I went to work, I went home, and I went to bed feeling wonderfully confirmed that we had made the right decision. Each day apart, we fell more in love. Finally Matt came home.

It was one week after returning that we decided to go for a hike on a mountain overlooking Red Rock Valley. At the peak, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was the easiest question I have ever answered.

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