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Sara P.

Our story has been one of utter magic since the moment we met. One summer day, after returning home from a church mission in Utah, my fiancé gave a talk in our sacrament service. I had only been baptized into the faith two months before. I walked through the front doorway ten minutes before everything started and began to take a look around. Evan spotted me as soon as I walked through the entryway, and I knew right then and there that he would be my husband, even though we had never meant.

I sat down and Evan began to nervously give his talk. I thought he was cute, but he never looked my way once. After the church service, we found out we had some mutual friends, started chatting a little bit and then left. Throughout the next week, we kept bumping into each other and eventually he asked me out. We started dating immediately and we have not had a single day apart since. Five months after the day we met, he took me to our spot on a hill overlooking the city lights. He knelt down on one knee, which is when our "happily ever after " began. Until Evan came along, I did not know I had such capacity to love someone, and I know that he feels the same way. It is truly a love written in the stars.

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