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Sara L.

Andy and I had been dating for three years before he asked me to marry him. All of our family and friends had known that we were perfect for each other and that we would eventually get married. The question on everyone's mind was when it was going to happen. Our parents would hint to us that we should hurry up and just get married already. Andy had kept joking that he would have to start taking me out on more dates so that I wouldn't suspect him proposing. He told me that we were going to go look at rings to see what kind of styles I liked even though he already knew. I was really excited to plan our day of looking at different jewelers around town. The night before we got engaged, I told Andy I had plans to go out with my friend on Friday, and he got quite upset that I didn't want to hang out with him. He eventually told me that he had planned to take me out on our "first" date of many, and he hoped I would reschedule with my friend. He told me that I needed to dress warmly that night for our date.

We went to our favorite restaurant and after, we went home to change into some warm clothes. He asked me what jewelers we were going to and what times they were open so I had no idea that he was proposing that night. We finally arrived at Tiles Park, where the Christmas lights were draped throughout the entire park. We drove up to a bunch of horse-drawn carriages, and I was so excited. During our ride, which was supposed to last a half an hour, Andy asked, "Why don't you just let me pick out the ring instead?" I told him that I didn't care and that it would be more special if I were surprised. That's when he pulled out a ring box from under our blanket and said, "Well, I already did. Will you marry me Sara?" The next night, we had a Christmas party at Andy's parents' house. We had decided to tell family before we told any of our friends about our engagement. So, that night, we got to tell the exciting news to our extended families. I was standing in the kitchen, halfway through the party, when my closest friends walked in. Tears just started pouring from my eyes. Andy had told all of my friends that he was going to propose and that we had a Christmas/engagement party planned. It meant the world to me that he surprised me with all my friends. Andy is the most kind and wonderful person, and I can't wait to begin the rest of our lives together.

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