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The Top 10 Forgotten Wedding Invitation Recipients

Wedding Invitations

In the world of wedding invitations, some people inevitably don't make the cut — whether you run out of room on your guest list or some people simply slip your mind, there are certain groups of people who always end up left off the wedding invitation mailing list. If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of trimming down the number of wedding invitations you can send, don't worry—these Top 10 Most Forgotten Wedding Invitation Recipients should be used to being left off the list!

  1. Kids: When space and money get tight, the first thing many couples do is to limit their wedding invitations to adults only.

  2. Exes: Unless you remain close friends with an ex, and your future spouse has expressly given you permission to invite them without hesitating, it is overwhelmingly considered bad form to send a wedding invitation to an ex.

  3. Great aunts and uncles: Elderly extended family members might not be able to travel long distances for your ceremony, but this group is more likely to be offended if they don't receive wedding invitations. Tread carefully!

  4. Second cousins: This group of relatives certainly won't be expecting wedding invitations unless you are unusually close.

  5. Childhood friends: You may have promised your childhood BFFs that they would be vital parts of your wedding ceremony, but there probably won't be enough wedding invitations for all of your fourth grade buddies.

  6. Neighbors: Unless you and your neighbors are particularly friendly, they shouldn't be expecting you to drop by with wedding invitations.

  7. Coworkers: It would be nearly impossible to send wedding invitations to all of your coworkers, so limit your list to only those who you are truly friends with and be discrete when discussing your plans!

  8. Non-mutual friends: As a couple, you share a lot of friends in common—those friends who have become a part of your joint social circle are much more likely to receive wedding invitations than those who only get along with one of you.

  9. Friends' families: Although many people would love to send wedding invitations to the parents of close friends, there often isn't room in the budget to accommodate these extra guests.

  10. Friends who argue with your fiancé: Let's face it friends who argue with one of the people getting married aren't going to add to the celebratory spirit of the day! Leave these guests off the wedding invitation list for a little extra bliss on your big day.

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