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Five Great Reasons to Order Your Wedding Stationery Online

The wedding stationery industry has changed drastically over the past several years, and an increasing number of couples now order their wedding invitations online rather than from a local retail store or printer.

Why? Creating personalized, professional invitations that effectively convey the excitement and anticipation of your special day can be costly and time consuming. Wedding invitations and stationery printed by a traditional local printing company can cost thousands of dollars, but ordering your wedding stationery online provides a convenient method for you to order high quality wedding invitations without breaking your budget. The following is a discussion of five great reasons to order your wedding stationery online.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Although the traditional method for ordering wedding invitations-through a local store or printing company--may give you the perception of receiving personal attention, oftentimes the sales associate showing you the stationery albums is not well informed about the nuances between the various styles, card stocks, font styles and other details that will make your wedding invitations truly elegant and unique.

In contrast, some online wedding stores, such as Wedding Paper Divas, offer a team of experts who specialize specifically and exclusively in designing and printing wedding stationery and invitations. Their customer service team is comprised of individuals who are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate not only about paper and design, but the entire wedding celebration as well.

Expert Advice

At Wedding Paper Divas, each invitation receives a personal inspection by a member of the company's design team. This final review ensures that you get exactly what you ordered. If there is a potential problem, Wedding Paper Divas will have a customer service representative call you to resolve the issue prior to printing the final product.

Brides often note that they cannot get such a high level of service from an ordinary store clerk, who is untrained in proofreading and design and simply ships off orders to a remote location where invitations will be machine printed by people who have had no contact with the customer.

Exclusive Designs

The professional artists at Wedding Paper Divas design innovative, trendy collections that are clearly a cut above the commonplace versions typically stocked in retail outlets. "We're only as good as our designs," says Laura Ching, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising and co-founder of Wedding Paper Divas. "That's why we use commissioned artists who keep a pulse on today's wedding trends and develop high end, clean, modern designs for our customers."


Another very important reason to order your wedding stationery online is the simplicity and convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. In addition, Wedding Paper Divas' customers can view the front, inside, and back of their invitation and choose from a wide variety of different papers, ink, and envelopes. "We eliminate the need for a middle man-the store clerk," says Ching. "Instead of using a local retail store to work with a wedding stationery supplier, customers work directly with us."

And while it is true that browsing through invitations online could take some time, there is no comparison to the amount of time and energy you would need to go from store to store and pick the right one by shopping on foot. Another plus about shopping online is the ability to send a link to the bride or other family member to show them the invitation design as well. Finally, most sites will accept credit card payments.

Quality at Competitive Prices

So obviously, there are some distinct advantages to ordering wedding invitations online rather than ordering them locally, but what about quality? While it is true that some online stationery stores offer low-quality paper stock, the high-end online wedding boutiques, such as Wedding Paper Divas, use only high-quality, heavy-paper stock for their stationery products. For those who still want to physically touch and feel the paper before ordering, they can easily do so by requesting samples in the mail.

Perhaps the best part about ordering online is that customers can enjoy great quality invitations at extremely competitive prices. "We offer $2-$3 wedding invitations online that, if purchased in a store, would be $5-$6," says Ching. The bottom line is that with automated ordering and no storefront to maintain, costs are lower and quality is higher when you order wedding stationery online.

This article brought to you by Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas.

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