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Traditional Weddings Blossom with Personal Appeal

Today, more and more couples find unique and creative ways to demonstrate their personal styles in the context of a traditional wedding. Doing so adds extra meaning to the day for themselves, their families and their guests.

As they personalize the event, they realize that a customized wedding can co-exist with a traditional ceremony. "A personal wedding does not necessarily mean an untraditional wedding," says Laura Ching, Vice President of Marketing at Wedding Paper Divas, an online retailer of wedding stationery.

In personalizing invitations, decorations, vows and other parts of the wedding, it's easy to retain a traditional wedding ambience.

"The personal touch shows that you put great thought into making your wedding your own, something unique and personal, which is in vogue today," says Ching. "Couples are incorporating special messages, designs or icons that have special meaning with colors to match a particular personalized theme."

Incorporating Your Style

So what are couples doing to make their weddings more personal? From save-the-date cards to bridal shower invites to wedding invitations and enclosures, wedding programs to thank you cards, brides are finding very unique ways to add an even more personal touch.

"Some great ideas for customizing any wedding idea are couple's monograms, special messages with meaning understood by most of the guests or the couple themselves, special designs, icons or colors and anything else that has a deep meaning to the bride and groom," says Ching.

Incorporating a color that has a special meaning for the couple is another way to add a personal touch. In addition to color, special icons, designs and even fonts can convey something personal that is often associated with the couple. Finally, more couples are using photos as a way to incorporate the custom theme for wedding invitations.

Personalizing Your Options

Many wedding items now come with a personalized option or can be personalized through embellishments-wedding favors, gifts, napkins, matchbooks and even the petals on flowers. Even if no personalization options exist, it is easy to find personalized ribbon, gift tags, labels and other packaging that can turn practically anything into a customized item. Photo guest books also are great items to include a personalize photo or message.

Many couples now are turning to personally written vows. Photos of families and the engagement can adorn the reception site and slideshows can convey a very personal tone. Also, more couples are practicing a special dance or routine for their first dance as a way to break away from the traditional waltz and add an especially memorable part to the reception.

Finally, couples where an ethnic culture is appropriate find the incorporation of cultural decorations or food to be a great way to that that personal touch.

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