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RSVP - Response Card Wording

Wedding planning is quite the feat of preparation, coordination and logistics. Since a smooth and successful wedding relies so heavily on planning, an accurate guest count is of vital importance. There are several ways to secure this important information in anticipation of your big day, and arguably the most seamless and effective method is mailing matching response cards along with the wedding invitation suite. These matching cards can be as simple or complex as your event requires, and can serve a vital role in the planning process. Traditional wedding etiquette calls for an enclosed card requesting a reply or RSVP by a certain date, although depending on the nature of your celebration, avoiding a flurry of calls, emails and text messages may be of paramount importance.

If you're trying to gather information like meal preferences, favorite songs, or attendance at multiple wedding weekend events, there is no room for error. See below for helpful tips on RSVP card timelines, as well as advice, etiquette, and RSVP/response card wording examples!

black, white and gold foil pressed wedding invitation suite with matching RSVP and enclosure cards

RSVP Card Timeline

It's important to leave 2-4 weeks between your RSVP date and the actual date of your wedding. These few weeks allow enough time for following up with missing replies, as well as making plans for uneven or unexpected numbers. When establishing your RSVP card timeframe, keep in mind to:

  • Check with your vendors. If your caterer, florist or stylist needs a lot of advance warning on the final headcount, make sure to plan your RSVP timeline accordingly.
  • Keep close track of your RSVPs. It is okay to overestimate and end up with a few extra seats, but things could get uncomfortable if your headcount is off by too much. Develop a method for tracking RSVPs and stick to it!

RSVP/Response Card Advice and Etiquette

When you're expecting RSVPs for an event as important as your wedding, it's important to plan for contingencies and to keep etiquette in mind. Things never go exactly according to plan, so be prepared with these helpful tips and tricks!

  1. Number your guest list and subtly mark your response cards according to that guest's number. Save yourself the hassle of extra follow up and eliminate any confusion regarding illegible writing or incomplete response cards.
  2. Leave a blank space for notes on your RSVP cards. You may get helpful information and special guest instructions back, or just a bevy of love and well-wishes. Either way, it's a win!
  3. Include a line for number of people attending. Another method is to include “_____ of _____” will attend, and fill in the second half with the number of guests actually invited. This is a helpful method for guests with unknown plus 1's, or families with children who may be unclear how to RSVP.
  4. Pre-address and stamp your response cards for maximum convenience. You may even consider including an enclosure card with your wedding website, or an email or phone number to make sure you get those RSVP's on time.
  5. Include separate spaces for number of guests attending the ceremony, reception, or other wedding events you're gathering info for.

brown, wood, rustic wedding invitation suite with matching RSVP and enclosure card

Response Card Wording Examples

Response Card with Meal Choices

M. ___________________
__Accepts with Pleasure
__Declines with Regrets
Please Choice One of the Following:
___Rack of Lamb
___Seasonal Fish

Response Card for Number of Guests

M. _________________________
Number Attending ___________
Please Indicate Your Selection:
______ Vegetarian Lasagna
______ Herb-Encrusted Pork Tenderloin

Response Card without an M. Line

Guest Name(s): _____________________________
____Will Attend ____Will Not Attend
Please Include any Food Allergies in the Space Below:

Creative Response Card Wording

Name: ______________________________
___Can‘t Wait to Celebrate!
___ Sorry to Miss Out

Response Card Including Multiple Events

M. _________________________________
____Delightfully Accepts ____ Regretfully Declines
Name(s): _____________________________ will Attend the Rehearsal Dinner
Name(s): _____________________________ will Attend the Ceremony
Name(s): _____________________________ Will Attend the Cocktail Reception


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