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When to Send “Thank You” Cards

Whenever you host a large gathering of friends and family, the issue of etiquette often comes into play. You’re likely well familiar with the need to send out invitations to such in events well in advance to ensure people’s attendance (depending upon the amount of time you have to plan, “Save the Date” cards might even be appropriate). Yet what about your event has come and gone? Are the thanks that you gave to attendees in person enough to show your gratitude for their participation, or should you try and do more?

Of course, the “more” referred to here is sending out “Thank You” cards to those who attended your special event. However, whenever the issue of sending such cards arises, most immediately wonder whether or not their particular event calls for it. Send “Thank You” cards out following an informal event, and your attendees could feel awkward for not having assigned the same amount of significance to it as you. Yet failing to give your thanks following a formal occasion could land you in hot water with those you love.

Consider the Occasion

The answer to whether or not to send out “Thank You” cards following a gathering depends largely on the event itself. A good “rule-of-thumb” to follow is that any occasion that calls for gifts should prompt you to send out cards. These may include:

  • Showers
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations

However, there are some events that don’t call for gifts that still represent moments significant enough to warrant you giving thanks to those who participated. Religious milestones are a good example of such events, whether they be christenings or baptisms. Fortunately, you can often find just as many options for religious “Thank You” cards as you would any other event. 

While the task of sending out “Thank You” cards to friends and family might seem like a formality, remember that the act of sending out the cards themselves isn’t what’s significant. Rather, it’s the message that you convey in doing it. That you guests feel your sincere appreciation for their having taken the time to commemorate the occasion with you is what is important. Keep that in mind when showing such decorum starts to seem like a drudgery.

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